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Industrial Services

Industrial Services increase the availability of your production facilities and offer lasting reductions in your maintenance costs.



ESG, the energy crisis and Industry 4.0 pose major challenges for many manufacturing companies. An important prerequisite for competitiveness on the global market is a smooth and (energy-) efficient production process. Our experienced technicians, who undergo constant training, will take great care of your production facilities from A to Z.
We will help you make your production plants more productive and efficient through preventative maintenance, inspection, repair and servicing, thereby contributing to a sustainable reduction in maintenance costs.

Global Standards and Local Industrial Expertise

You can rely on the expertise of our experienced industrial experts, all of whom are very familiar with country-specific standards and legislation for industrial plants. Our position as the world's largest real estate service provider allows us to establish best practice across borders and guarantee our clients high global standards to achieve legal certainty and occupational safety, both nationally and internationally. This combination makes us a reliable partner to ensure the (legally) secure and efficient operation of production plants and their associated infrastructure.

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