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Technical Facility Management

Our Technical Facility Management service maintains technical facilities and buildings in optimal condition.



Modern working environments require a wide range and number of technical facilities that must function properly so that your employees can work productively. The demands on Technical Building Management are becoming increasingly complex against the background of New Work, ESG and the energy crisis.

Technical Services for a Smooth Building Operation

Let us provide you with the professional support to meet this challenge: our Technical Facility Management and Industrial Services experts will operate, maintain and repair your technical building systems and buildings reliably and improve energy efficiency. We provide more Technical Facility Management services worldwide than any other company, with over 1,000 qualified technicians at our disposal. So that you can concentrate fully on your core business, we look after the A to Z of smooth technical building operation:

- Based on intelligent data analysis, we develop an optimal maintenance strategy for you, and implement it efficiently. We do this using, amongst other things, sensor technology which monitors critical technical equipment such as pumps and motors in real time and provides advance warning of possible system failures. This increases system availability and helps you to reduce operating and investment costs and safeguard the value of your technical building systems and real estate. 

- In the event of a breakdown, a 24/7 helpdesk and our mobile technicians are on hand to minimise response times and downtimes.

- We keep a complete record of all technical facilities in our CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System).

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