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Our decarbonisation solutions are developed as a guideline with proposed measures to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions. We manage your project from start to handover. This ensures a high standard of design and utilisation.

Explore our core capabilities:

  • ESG Pre-Check
    Conduct as-built analysis of your building's environmental condition. Assessment of consumption data and development of a comprehensive climate protection roadmap to reduce CO2 for your property.
  • Mobility Concepts
    We implement your sustainable mobility plans together with our partners and offer an integrated end-to-end solution for the electrification of your vehicle park or workforce. From conceptual design to final handover, we manage your project hollistically.
  • Portfolio Analysis
    Determination of a climate protection roadmap for the decarbonisation of your portfolio. A comprehensive portfolio analysis and optimisation proposals for the respective asset as well as an overarching CO2 net-zero strategy are developed.  
  • Operational Solutions
    Advice on negotiating energy supply contracts. Experts with years of experience know what it takes to decarbonise your entire portfolio. Short and long-term benefits from renewable energy, reducing carbon emissions, and reducing waste and water consumption in your supply contracts with transparency and alignment.

Sustainability Insights

Explore global insights on the latest policies and technologies impacting decision-makers and our industry.

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