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Reduce your environmental and climate risks for your property.



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The European Union has created the EU Taxonomy, a framework for assessing environmental sustainability. Our real estate experts will explain what this means and how it affects you.  

Explore our core capabilities:

  • EU Taxonomy Compliance Audit
    Review of your asset according to the EU Taxonomy Regulation for construction and real estate. Recommendations for action to achieve compliance. Official verification by ÖGNI.
  • Climate Risk Analysis
    Identification of climate risks on-site. Assessment according to Munich RE's NATHAN database and the HORA database, as evidence for achieving the EU taxonomy target "adaptation to climate change".
  • Energy Certificate
    Preparation of an energy certificate according to EAVG incl. plausibility check of the U-values. The energy certificate provides important information on the heat demand and the overall energy efficiency of a building.

Sustainability Insights

Explore global insights on the latest policies and technologies impacting decision-makers and our industry.

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