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Clean energy is an effective way to reduce your carbon footprint and minimise your operating costs. Customised solutions are developed for you and implemented with CBRE's strategic partners. We introduce you to different renewable technology options at your site. Based on your decision, we supervise the implementation until handover. We also offer a comprehensive range of operations support services.

Explore our core capabilities:

  • Photovoltaic System
    Conceptual design of a PV plant on your site. Creation of several variants adapted to your needs. Produce your own electricity from renewable sources or be part of a community generation system. Reduce your dependence on the grid and increase your resilience to blackout scenarios.

  • Subsidy Management
    Overview of potential federal incentives. Consideration for eligible projects. Application or assistance with application for your grant.

  • Energy Audit
    Analysis of the current state of your building's energy system and collection of consumption data. Visualisation of the energy flows and creation of a catalog of measures to improve your building services. Economic efficiency calculations and comparison of different variants to assess the best optimisation solution.

  • Energy Monitoring and Reporting
    Ongoing collection of consumption data in defined cycles. Plausibility check and monitoring of cost risks. Identification of major consumers. Regular reporting of the most important energy indicators including suggestions for energy saving.

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Explore global insights on the latest policies and technologies impacting decision-makers and our industry.