Integrated solutions for industrial and logistics companies: from acquisition to maintenance

CBRE offers integrated real estate solutions for the complete life cycle, tailored to the special needs of industrial and logistics companies. Our spectrum of services ranges from the acquisition of the right property, to facilities management and to the modernisation, conversion or sale of logistical and industrial properties. With this extensive know-how, we increase property values, minimise risks and reduce operating and energy costs for industrial and logistics properties.

Experienced property advice and transaction skills 

We have extensive, global experience in letting as well as in buying and selling of industrial and logistics properties such as warehouses, distribution centres, business parks or production facilities. This is underpinned by investment in research and our networks of well-connected and specialist advisors. We also support our clients in project development when modernising or converting industrial and logistics properties. Even for complex issues, such as location and supply-chain advice, finance and portfolio strategy development, our highly-specialised and diversified network of experts can support with the right advice.

Intelligent maintenance reduces costs and minimises downtime

Today’s industrial and commercial properties require a whole host of technical assets to run smoothly to ensure a seamless chain of production and logistics. As one of the world’s largest and leading providers for integrated facilities management, we help companies in the industrial and logistics sector minimise downtime, reduce operating costs and ensure safe and legally-compliant operations of their buildings and technical assets. With presence in 111 countries, we can manage and operate our clients’ complete real estate portfolio across multiple countries as part of an outsourcing partnership and operate hundreds of properties with a uniform standard of service, or deliver a specific technical service with our own qualified technicians. In the field of industrial services, our expertise ranges from the maintenance of business-critical production facilities, to contracting and energy optimisation of technical assets, to the relocation of machinery or production plants. 

With this broad know-how drawn from industry, specialist and market expertise, we develop holistic solutions that are tailored to the particular needs of our clients and optimise the complete life cycle of industrial and logistics properties.