Residential property is becoming increasingly popular on the real estate investment market. Demand from institutional investors and family offices for this kind of property as an investment in urban areas has been on the rise for some years now, a trend that is set to continue. The great influx of people into the large cities and university locations and the growing scarcity of living space in Austria have fuelled an increase in value and returns. At the same time, landlords and lessors are confronted by huge challenges from changing requirements, evolving needs, demographics, regional conditions, as well as political intervention and regulations. 

Whether institutional or private investor, property developer or public authority representative, CBRE offers a wide range of services for residential property. We carry out valuations of residential complexes, apartment buildings and residential portfolio, advise our clients in residential portfolio transactions, and provide support for companies engaged in facility management with our expertise in strategic and operational matters. 

Valuation of residential property and housing portfolios

Our real estate appraisers and consultants who carry out property appraisals for apartment blocks used for residential purposes, new housing complexes and residential portfolios are experienced and specialized structural engineers, architects, financial experts and property professionals. In addition, we use our in-house research department with its extensive database comprising market data and transactions in preparing property appraisals. 

Real estate consulting for investors

We offer extensive consulting for institutional investors, foundations, civil service decision makers and family offices covering all phases of buying and selling existing complexes, apartment buildings, residential portfolios, property developments involving multi-storey residential buildings and terraced houses for outright sale. 

Our specialists prepare the ground by conducting an extensive analysis of existing real estate portfolios or those offered for sale. We work together with our local real estate consultants on site at the respective or international location in order to ascertain the specific data of the respective location and property. We carry out cash flow projections, investment appraisals and sensitivity analyses in order to ensure transparent preparation for large-scale and complex residential portfolios. Furthermore, we coordinate technical and legal due diligence on the residential portfolio transactions. 

The more stringent requirements in the field of residential real estate, as well as the purchase and sale of this kind of property, necessitate tailored and targeted solutions for investors, landlords and lessors. We would be happy to advise you on the details of all important issues concerning residential property. Get in touch with us and draw on the expert advice of our consultants.


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