Sustainability is a complex issue, which benefits from new findings steadily. The right choice and the adjustment of facility services contains an enormous capability to reduce the primarily energy demand. Reducing the consumption lowers not only the overheads also the environment is saved. Optimized conception enables minimization of energy consumptions for new buildings in process of planning as well as for existing properties.


Our Objective

Our sustainability team is actively helping investors and occupiers to develop sustainability concepts for a better building operation and for investment decisions. Enormous potential savings can be reached by selective measures.

Low consumptions are helping the environment, the occupier benefits from subsiding overheads. Rising the current value creates a countervalue to the investments for the investor.

Our team consists of technical experts in electrical, heating, cooling, ventilation and construction with longtime experience in building operation. We counsel you from the start of planning, accompany you to the handover with the adjustment of all facilities and we assess the operating. We develop solutions for our client's financial benefits, solutions to enhance brands and to create healthier workspace.


Your Benefit

  • Reduce operational costs

  • Increase the value of your asset
  • Benefit from innovation
  • Comply with complex, fast changing regulation
  • Engage your stakeholders
  • Understand and mitigate your risk
  • Create healthy, productive work spaces
  • Involve occupiers, vendors and decision makers

Related Services

We combine experts know-how in construction, building services and operational management to gather a properties state and we provide recommendations for preservation.
We develop tailor made service descriptions to request for tenders and identify the demand on designers, consultants and executing companies.
We can set up a project management office within your building - meaning CBRE expertise is on hand to help with whatever you need, whenever you need us.