Investments in Residential Property

Around the world, CBRE is the best choice for a real estate service provider to handle residential property transactions. Our experts in the field of residential investment have years of experience with transactions in the residential property sector and can, therefore, plan our clients’ investments with a long-term perspective for the best possible results. 

For consultancy or guidance on purchasing and sale mandates for local, regional and national portfolios for owners, investors, and developers, there is no better partner when it comes to any type of residential property investment. There’s a reason why we have such an impressive track record when it comes to the investment market for residential properties.

Top Expertise in the Residential Property Market

Thanks to years of involvement with a wide variety of projects, our experienced experts have detailed and well-informed knowledge of the residential property market. As a globally active real estate service provider and a specialist in residential property transactions, our unique consultancy is complimented by our access to an established network of authoritative investors and decision-makers around the world. All of this makes us the ideal partner for residential property transactions of any kind. 

Professional Support for Residential Property Transactions

The core competencies of our Residential Investment team include consultancy on transaction management for residential properties and property developments, as well as guidance on purchasing and sale mandates for local, regional and national portfolios. All of our regional Investment teams are connected, which provides us with a peerless knowledge pool, and both buyers and sellers of residential property can benefit greatly from this expertise.

Years of experience in transaction management

In the field of residential property, we offer a comprehensive spectrum of services to our clients for the individual sale of both existing properties and developments. Our Residential Investment team is committed to achieving the best results for our clients on tasks such as the implementation of structured sale processes or managing transactions. With one central contact person, project management from one source and fast and quality-assured data and process management, we provide outstanding support as we guide residential property investments to success. 
In addition to consultancy for residential property transactions, our Residential Investment experts specialize in the precise development and assessment of business plans, and therefore in the optimization of the value of our clients’ assets.

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