The value of a commercial property can be highly sensitive to the presence of building defects, the quality of construction or the condition of the building fabric or services. Considering the investment risks in real estate business, a Technical Due Diligence is highly recommended as foundation for purchase and disposal. A TDD is also the right tool for the technical evaluation of portfolios and for budgeting.


Our Approach

The systematical information processing as well as the provision of an independent opinion are in the center of attention. Therefore a TDD always includes an on site checkup of the property. It has to be examined carefully from the cellar up to the roof, deficiencies and risks are gathered, assessed with costs and evidenced by photos. A TDD shows up necessary maintenance works, checks the situation of permits and considers possible risks in the next few years.

We combine experts know-how in construction, building services and operational management to gather a properties state and we provide recommendations for preservation.

Your Benefit

Accurate pre-purchase due diligence equips you to negotiate from a position of strength and helps to accelerate the process of purchase and disposal. Building condition can be addressed in the terms of the transaction. Also for property care a TDD helps to show up deficiencies and risks and to define the maintenance demand.

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