Leverage our specialist team’s knowledge, market expertise and experience to execute real estate decisions to support your organisation’s mission.


Our Services

Through community-driven mission-sensitive strategies, we seek to maximise market opportunities while minimising operational disruptions and addressing nonprofit’s requirements for buying, selling, or leasing real estate.

Benefits to your Organisation

  1. We hold the Experience, Insight, Intelligence and Resources to help nonprofit organisations make informed real estate decisions.
  2. We have substantial Knowledge working with nonprofits of all types including associations, unions and public charities.
  3. We are the only the only real estate service provider with a dedicated team of professionals specialising in the nonprofit sector.
  4. Nonprofits, whether cause-based, membership-focused or trade-industry specific, are distinctive organisations which evaluate real estate based on mission-sensitive strategies and specialised criteria. There are difficulties in understanding associations and professional societies. The way information needs to be prepared, processed, and presented to Boards of Directors is unique–and we have more experience with these organisations than any other commercial real estate firm.

Areas of Expertise

  • Strategic Real Estate Planning
  • Tenant Representation
  • Buy vs. Lease Analysis
  • Ownership Representation
  • Global Market Research
  • Consulting
  • Workplace Strategy
  • Appraisal
  • Space Acquisition & Disposition
  • Project Management
  • Financial Modeling

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